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AllValue provides everything you need to build and publish your e-commerce website end to end.

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  • Quick Site Creation

    You can drag&drop widgets to build e-commerce website without coding in minutes.

  • Free Templates

    You can create e-commerce website with a vast selection of stunning templates for 3C, clothing, cosmetics, home improvement, and more, all for free.

  • CDN Acceleration

    Global CDN accelerates your website, ensuring speedy loading wherever your customers are.

  • Mobile-First Store

    A wealth of mobile-first store templates allow you to build e-commerce website to cater for mobile shopping needs.

  • Omni-channel Empowerment

    Your website can be accessed from PCs, mobile terminals, H5 pages, WeChat mini programs, and apps, allowing you to gain traffic from all channels.

  • Global Payment

    Over 200 currencies, credit cards, and PayPal are supported for payment, connecting your business to the whole world.

Select from Beautifully Designed Templates

We have a vast store of free website templates and widgets, allowing you to create e-commerce website in a snap.

The mobile-first store experience impresses every visitor of your website and helps you secure more orders.

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Market and Sell with AllValue

Utilize Social Commerce to the Fullest and Convert Consumers into Big Fans

Traffic means everything to a DTC brand. No matter what you sell, AllValue offers powerful marketing tools to help you reach more consumers and build customer loyalty. We link up to the world's top social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and TikTok. We also have a professional advertising team on tap to help you design eye-catching ads and convert ad views into purchases.

Promote your online store
  • Social Media Marketing

    We link up to mainstream social media platforms to boost the exposure of your website and increase your brand awareness.

  • Affiliates

    Affiliates of multiple levels can be hired around the world to acquire more customers at a low cost.

  • Influencer Marketing

    With AllValue's big pool of KOLs and KOCs, you can quickly promote your website through global social media platforms.

  • Content Marketing

    You can avail yourself of creative, valuable, and diverse content to market your products.

  • Advertising

    AllValue's advertising team can help you advertise and market your products on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Our advertising services include content optimization for SEM/SNS, KOL/KOC development, and content operations on fan pages.

  • Self-developed Marketing Tools

    With AllValue's marketing tools, you can speedily launch diverse marketing activities such as affiliate alliance, group buying, email marketing, pop-up advertising, and lucky draw.

Manage in Your Way

Own Your Business and Boost Average Transaction Value

AllValue provides a comprehensive set of data analytics tools to help you keep track of transaction data and customer needs, making your operations data-driven.

Manage your customer
  • Customer Relations Management

    You can expand your customer base and enhance your ability to reach customers.

  • Average Transaction Value

    A wide selection of marketing tools, such as promo codes, price-break discounts, and live commerce, can help boost repurchases and increase the average transaction value, making your website operations easier.

  • Customer Referral

    You can increase your brand influence through customer referral programs.

  • Membership Management

    A hierarchical membership structure can help you enable targeted marketing, increase repurchase rate, and cultivate customer loyalty.

  • Store Management

    The mobile management console can keep you up to speed with order, inventory, logistics, and payment information.

  • Data Dashboard

    It allows you to have your finger on the pulse of store operations and customer needs.

We Aim to Empower Your Digital Growth

We Aim to Empower Your Digital Growth

AllValue provides one-stop solutions to help you create e-commerce website. Our services range from market analysis and website creation to integrated marketing and customer operations, paving the way for your business's success.

  • Brand Story

    Juicy Pet is a Canadian pet care company founded in 2013. After 8 years of business development, Juicy Pet has grown into an official partner and sole agent of many international brands from Japan, South Korea, and Italy. Its business includes pet care franchising, pet supply retailing and wholesale, and pet grooming.

    Customer Testimonials

    As a pet care store, Juicy Pet focuses on brick-and-mortar stores to drive business growth. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we built an online e-commerce website with AllValue. And with the help of marketing campaigns from AllValue's experts in Canada, we have attracted much more online traffic and received many online orders. We are looking forward to working with AllValue on future marketing campaigns, as a surefire way of driving our business growth.

  • Brand Story

    Royal Elastics is an Australian shoemaker founded in 1996 by 20-year-old Tull Price and pal Rodney Adler, two young entrepreneurs, who sought to revolutionize fastening shoes by replacing laces with elastics.

    Customer Testimonials

    Royal Elastics floundered when it ventured into the North American market. But now, with an influencer marketing strategy, our website exposure and sales skyrocketed, as we have racked up 160,000 views on Instagram and our orders have tripled in three months."Our marketing campaigns on Instagram will continue. We are looking to work with AllValue in website operations and influencer marketing. We believe these campaigns will bring us more orders."Tull Price and Rodney Adler, Founders of Royal Elastics

  • Brand Story

    Pass On Perfect is an emerging pet life brand. It specializes in beautiful and practical pet products and aims to pass on a brand philosophy that pets are also family members.

    Customer Testimonials

    "We value quality services, just like AllValue does. We share the same vision to make a DTC brand shine on a bigger stage."Wang Jiaoyao, Founder of Pass On Perfect

  • Brand Story

    YESYOHO is a provider of smart hardware and outdoor fitness equipment. It offers such devices as smart mice and abdominal wheels. YESYOHO focuses on its products every step of the way in the supply chain, as it hopes to bring not only intelligent and useful products but also fun to its target customers.

    Customer Testimonials

    "AllValue is a fantastic platform with keen insights into customer needs and has the capacity to quickly meet the needs. At the same time, its creative marketing ideas help sharpen the platform's competitive edge."Yuan Shaohua, Founder of YESYOHO

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Operations Services

  • Customized Services for KAs

    AllValue provides personalized one-stop solutions for KAs to create e-commerce websites. Our KA managers are always ready to offer professional guidance.

  • Professional Operations Services

    AllValue experts are standing by to provide one-stop solutions to create e-commerce websites. Our operations teams in Canada, Japan, and other counties have extensive experience in e-commerce website promotion and operations for customers.